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ELITE put forth practical and detailed procedural approach for portal development wherein it has been used successfully for various projects. Our approach is broadly categorized in five steps, which are as follows:

  • Recognizing – The objectives of business, and portal functionality
  • Establishing Archetype – Primary ideas are polished to an approved strategy
  • Construction – The fusion of look and feel with robust e-business portal applications
  • Training – In site administration and design of portal
  • Commencing – Deploy the live portal/site

Web Development

ELITE has structured and empirically proven web application & web site design development processes, which are mentioned as below:

•  Business Model Identification

Identification of what kind of business activity can benefit from automation? The scope of the proposed web application is defined thoroughly in this phase, like How can the application help the stakeholders in value chain in better access to information? We will work with you in sync to identify the business practices, which would benefit most from our services.

•  Business Process Analysis

In this phase we understand your business process completely to strategize and design the most optimum web application for your business needs. This phase is especially important for enterprise applications.

•  Technical Proposal & Review

We will come up with preliminary solution to your problem in this phase. We will present details about processes, flows, functions, and detailed budget and timelines. And include any changes, suggestions, which are mutually agreed upon.

•  Application Development.

Once the contract is final, we will bring you our best of the technical and human resources to accomplish on your defined task. From hereon, web software development or web site design process takes on till its completion.

•  Monitoring, Analysis, and Control

Work in progress is monitored and analyzed thoroughly to ensure development as per specifications and to recognize any gaps if there any. Often as the application takes shape, additional functions and features to be added are recognized and implemented.

•  Deployment and Training
Once the system is in its place and operational, our team will deploy the application onsite and train your employees on the same or in case of technology vendor, we handover the deliverables as pre decided with the client.

•  Maintenance & Support
At ELITE, we just not provide maintenance & support services but we encompass our services to whole application management through its life. We can act as mission critical support center for your clients, technical support providers to your IT team. We can provide you Functionalities, features, and technology upgrade services, etc.


•  Site Analysis
Business model is discussed with the client putting major stress on requirement analysis. How the web site is going to be integrated into the current business system. In scope and the business model are taken in this phase.

•  Specification Building
After preliminary specification are defined our team come up with finalizing all the minor and major features and functionalities of the proposed web site and dynamic functionalities, lay out, navigation, value add features, etc. The whole contract is documented thereafter finalizing specifications and details along with inputs from client and our deliverables, project timelines and budget.

•  Design and Development
At ELITE, we have very client integrated development approach wherein our team works in sync with you. To start with we provide prototype facility to decide web site design and layout. Web site designing is different from software application in the aspect that in it client interaction is needed and every phase of its development. Throughout the development client approval is taken before moving onto next phase.

•  Coding
Our web designing and programming teams work concurrently & cohesively. Developers takes care of delicacies of designs so it should not hamper the look and feel of web site and designers takes into consideration of programming limitations while designing the layout.

•  Testing
Web development asks for comprehensive testing, as it always works under multi user distributed system. Some of the testing we do are: Link testing, download testing, load testing, integration testing, cross browser compatibility, etc.

•  Promotion
Out of trillions of websites available online over internet bubble, it becomes imperative that you promote your web site specially if it is of M2C (Merchant to Customer), B2C (Business to Consumers), B2B(Business to Business ) in nature. At ELITE we provide search engine promotion facility on customer demand. We provide this facility through our business alliance partner. We can develop web sites, which could be optimized for search engine ranking and listing.

•  Maintenance & Support
Web site needs vigorous maintenance & support services so as not to look stale in terms of content, design, features and functionalities. And especially for dynamic interactive B2C, B2B web sites. At ELITE we provide the whole gamut of support and maintenance services like: bug fixing, technical maintenance, content management and up gradation, feature and functionality enhancement, etc.
The above process is still quiet subjective in nature and depends upon case to case to basis. Our major motive is to provide our customers with the quality and structured web designing and development services so as to make them realize optimum returns on their web initiatives.

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