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Strategic Management

Strategic management: analyzes the major initiatives taken by a company's top management on behalf of owners, involving resources and performance in internal and external environments.

In management theory and practice, a distinction is often made between operational management and strategic management. Operational management is concerned primarily with responses to internal issues such as improving efficiency and controlling costs. Strategic management is concerned primarily with responses to external issues such as in understanding customers' needs and responding to competitive forces. Widely-cited Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter identifies three principles underlying strategic positioning: creating a "unique and valuable position", making trade-offs by choosing "what not to do", and creating "fit" by aligning company activities to with one another to support the chosen strategy.

Strategic management provides overall direction to the enterprise and is closely related to the field of Organization Studies. In short, it entails specifying the organizations objectives, developing policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the plans. Academics and practicing managers have developed numerous models and frameworks to assist in strategic decision making and in understanding infinitely complex macro-economic environments. Strategic management is not static in nature; the models often include a feedback loop to monitor execution and inform the next round of planning.

CIOs are facing increased demands driven by the changing economic environment and shifts in the way products and services are sold and delivered. These factors have created an imperative to leverage new and innovative technology solution architectures like cloud computing to help reduce cost and deliver profit-driving IT capabilities faster than ever before. Savvy businesses understand that technology investments cannot be made solely to enable internal and external operations; technology is now, more than ever, a critical component to retaining and winning customers as well as staying ahead of the competition. CIOs and their leadership teams have the opportunity to introduce application, process and technology changes that improve business efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately elevating the status of IT within the enterprise.

That's where we can help. Our Technology Strategy & Architecture practice possesses the depth of talent, breadth of experience and knowledge of current and emerging technology to assist CIOs innovatively embrace change while maintaining overall operational stability and security.

Technology Strategy & Architecture

The Technology Strategy & Architecture (TS&A) practice advises clients in areas ranging from strategy development to the implementation of defined tactical responses to help realize business value and service excellence from their IT investments.

We excel at helping companies assess their IT and business landscapes to develop technology strategies that address issues ranging from system replacement to full IT transformation. Our experience enables us to help clients think through tactical issues while also considering the bigger-picture potential impacts to the overall organization.

The TS&A practice brings deep knowledge and experience in technology advisory, infrastructure planning and management, enterprise architecture, technology innovation and IT operational optimization. This spectrum of technology skills enables us to deliver a breadth of services including IT roadmap and strategy development, data center/infrastructure planning and consolidation, innovative technology solution development, business and technology architecture planning and design, ITIL alignment and IT operational transformation.

Our advisory services and solutions enable clients to maximize both the value derived from their IT capital investments (e.g., IT strategy and portfolio management, innovation, architecture and infrastructure) and the efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations (e.g., IT organization design, IT process and service delivery optimization and IT cost reduction).

What we offer

IT strategy and effectiveness

Assist clients in designing their IT strategies to support their business goals in areas such as designing practical IT architectures, technology platforms, operating models and plans to efficiently deliver required business and technical capabilities.

Enterprise architecture

Deliver a comprehensive enterprise architecture blueprint to support current and future business models, and establish supporting processes required to effectively define and deliver IT capabilities within an organization in a cost-effective manner.

Technology innovation

Leverage and apply emerging technologies (e.g., multi-sensory networks, pervasive computing, next-generation Internet, community tools, etc.) to business needs and enable a sustainable edge-out, break-out or technologically-disruptive change to increase shareholder value.

IT operations

Review, assess, control and optimize IT operations, bringing a solid understanding of the full spectrum of operations sub-areas such as service catalog management, service level management, security, operational metrics and operational governance.

Data center, infrastructure & internetworking

Design infrastructure, network and facilities (e.g. data centers) and develop processes to cost-effectively support business and technology requirements while considering all available sourcing options like cloud computing, other Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and green technology options.

Few companies address these areas all at once, so we help clients prioritize their areas of focus based on their organization's individual goals and circumstances. An effective IT strategy and alignment process can help companies:

  • Enable key business strategies through technology
  • Improve the business value of IT investments
  • Optimize and transform infrastructure, data centers and networks
  • Generate competitive advantage through technology
  • Encourage innovation and the use of disruptive technologies
  • Improve performance and reduce risk through improved IT processes, skills and organizational focus

At Elite, we understand our clients' businesses – not just their IT environments. We have access to a broad range of capabilities across consulting, financial advisory services, tax and risk management worldwide. Our experience allows us to offer an integrated approach to service delivery, so we can better help IT organizations deliver more value across their entire business.

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