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Server and Storage Consolidation

The average server workload ranges from 5 to 40 percent of its potential, reducing data storage capacities and increasing associated costs, such as additional hardware and IT staffing. Server consolidation through virtualization provides the cure to server sprawl and optimizes storage capacity. Virtualization technology presents computing resources in ways that users and applications can easily get the most value out of them, rather than by their implementation or geographic location. Data from different servers can be accessed from one server, and resources such as computing power and storage capacity are optimized and maintained through one central portal.

Main advantages of server consolidation are lower operating and management costs, higher productivity, better server utilisation, space optimization etc.

  • Consolidated UNIX and Windows Storage.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • High Availability.
  • Lower Annual Maintenance Costs.
  • Simplified Environment.
  • Infrastructure consolidation.
  • Server consolidation.
  • Data center consolidation.
  • IP storage consolidation.
  • Mid-range tiered consolidation.
  • High-end tiered consolidation.

Because of server and storage consolidation the entire environment is simplified. It becomes easy to manage. There is no need for extra staff and that results into lot of savings and that to without compromising on the storage and IT resources. Because of the simplified infrastructure the maintenance cost of the same comes down considerably. Server and storage consolidation helps in giving a back up if because of some calamity there is a data loss.

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