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The eCommerce solutions provide value to the customers (it may be business organizations B2B or small consumers B2C) and providing 360-degree view of the customer relationship (personal attention). Customers can experience a reliable and secure way to shop online and hence you have the advantage of forming a commercially sound business model.

With the modernisation web is coming up as the most easy-to-use, convenient to all, user friendly, time saving, and cost-saving source. Electronic transactions are growing rapidly and use of e-commerce is becoming more of a habit. Elite with its expert team has the ability to develop any kind of e-commerce software that is required by the client.

Elite provides the best possible solutions in the field of ecommerce development. It's out-of-the-box and cutting edge ecommerce development is a boon for all corporates who wants to develop an ecommerce store for the global audience. Elite for the years has been known for its consistency development of e-commerce solutions for all kinds of business irrespective of its size. Today, Ecommerce solutions are a must for any organization that wants a complete online presence as per the global scenario. It's has become a tool can change the fortunes of the company for the time to come.

Considered to be the most important aspect of online sales, e-commerce today is an integral part of any corporate or even a small organisation that is going online and using that medium as a point of sales. Elite feels that while companies that are big have huge budgets but for smaller organization it has pocket-friendly e-commerce solutions and that too with a wide range of options.

  • Customised set-up
  • Better connectivity & no break down
  • Secure buying process for buyer
  • Effective and safe conduction of business transactions
  • Flawless transactions
  • Customization at regular Intervals
  • Complete control in your hand

One of a rare kind of ability Elite has the ability to develop e-commerce solution that can cater to B2B and B2C category; giving the clients an upper hand above the rest of its competitors. Also, it has the ability to provide solutions that are ready-to-use, a kind of integrated plug-ins. Considering the varied required from clients Elite designs its e-commerce projects in a manner that matches that of the client. A state-of-the-art ecommerce solution today works as an e-business statement.

•  Our highlights of Ecommerce solutions:
  • Payment Gateway Solutions: PayPal, WorldPay,Google CheckOut, Protx, etc.
  • Shopping Cart Solutions: X-Cart, Zen Cart, Custom shopping cart, etc.
  • Google Feeds: Integrating Google site maps, and Google base (Froogle)
  • W3C Compliant: XHTML, CSS, Web 2.0
  • External Product Feeds: Integrating your product data from external feeds, delivering end to end solution
  • Back Office Integration
  • Scripting Languages: JSP, My SQL, Struts MVC, Servlets, Java Beans

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