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Structured Approach


  • Provide the most effective and efficient solution to the Client's problem.
  • Incorporate the most advanced technology available on time in the solution with a primary focus on cost reduction in Client's operations through optimal Business-Process-re-engineering.
  • Reduce overall time required for computerization.
  • Confine the overall costs of computerization to the minimum.
  • Provide the most user-friendly Graphic User Interface to overcome resistance to computerization.
  • Provide software applications of the highest quality that are robust in design as well as algorithm.
  • In order to fulfill all the objectives stated above concurrently, we play the role of a Business Associate with our Clients.
  • We follow an interactive approach in developing software…please see the flow diagram provided as Appendix-A.
  • Our current approach includes the following teams comprising well educated (from REC / IIT / IIM) and experienced professionals…...we take pleasure in informing that we are strong team players and all the following teams work together to fulfill the single objective of delighting our Clients.

Functional Team:

  • The team co-ordinates and facilitates interaction with the Client's team.
  • Proposes a technical, non-technical business solution to the Client, based on a thorough study of Client's operations and their perceived requirement.
  • On Client's approval, communicates the requirement to the design team.
  • Ensures that the specifications stated at this level are adhered to.

Design Team:

  • Taking inputs from both the Client as well as the Functional Team, Produces the design specifications and documents the same.
  • Decides between fresh development and assembling from the existing components.
  • Arrives at theoritical approach to developing the prototype.
  • Conducts periodic review meet with the development team as well as the Client.
  • Suggests and incorporates changes in the overall design from prototype to implementation.

Development Team:

  • Suggest alternative algorithms to the Project Leader and implement the selected algorithm.
  • Carry out unit tests on the code generated by each of them.
  • Carry out unit tests on the code generated by the others in the team and give their feedback.
  • Discuss the feedback and implement the changes suggested by the Team Leader.

Quality Control Team:

  • This team comprises experts in using specialized software for testing software performance.
  • Ensures that design and documentation standards are adhered to.
  • Tests each of the components separately and improves their individual performance…. please look at Appendix-B for the tests conducted by this team.
  • Tests the entire software interactively and suggests improvements.

Implementation team:

  • This team comprises individuals from each of the above four teams.
  • Handles installation, training and taking feedback from the Client.

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